Food Preparation at Regina Caterers…

All of our food products are purchased locally.

When it comes to food preparation Regina Caterers’ clients can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that proper sanitation is practiced at each step in the food preparation and packaging process and that the nutritional requirements for each meal have been met. Sanitary and safety inspections are conducted and documented on a daily basis, while the facility’s cooking appliances undergo preventive maintenance checks on a regular basis.

Our food preparation area holds sufficient space for the proper storage of ingredients and the production of the required meals. In addition to containing ample counter space for each worker and state of the art cooking appliances, the facility also houses two large walk-in refrigerators for storing meats and dairy products.

Regina’s ‘In and out on the same day’ policy calls for the early morning purchase of only the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables that will be consumed on the following day, thereby cutting down significantly on the foods that are stored overnight.

Regina Caterers maintains a current food preparation permit issued by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and all kitchen personnel have received the Department’s Food Handlers Training and Certificate. Copies of permits and inspection reports including our Hazardous Materials Management Plan are available upon request.

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